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Not Sure How To Wear Sock Boots? Here Are 11 Ideas

February 09, 2019

It’s the love/hate trend you’ve undoubtedly seen all over social media. The sock boot teamed with everything from leather trousers and super feminine dresses, to jumpsuits and mini skirts. Designer or high street, it’s the trend that seems to be dividing us but I for one am a definite fan of this statement look. If you have yet to jump on board this trend, we have a feeling we know why. Is it because you honestly have not the slightest idea what to wear with sock boots? Yeah, we thought so.

Here we've set out to provide you with enough outfit ideas on what to wear with sock boot so that the next time you feel like attempting the trend, you will be confident and empowered enough to do so. Ready to see what we've got for you? 


When in doubt, go for a full monochromatic look. Break the color up with a cool textured bag and sleek sunnies. 

How To Wear Red Sock Boots

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Red Sock Boots Street Styles Outfits Spring Summer Fashion. Women's Casual Chic OOTD ideas.


There's no denying that sock boots look great with jeans. Throw on a black jacket and you have yourself an outfit. 

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Black sock boots trends womens fashion chic casual.


Let this boot style add some color to a more neutral pattern. Pro tip: Add a retro 90s sunnies to your look and you'll look like a street style star too.

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Womens fashion trends. Sock booties.


 Jacket + plaid pant + black sock boots = an outfit we need to try ASAP.

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Black sock boots trends.


Sock boots can also be the perfect addition to an outfit that airs on the loud side. Take this look for example; with the floral lace dress, plaid blazer, the mustard yellow sock boots are actually the last thing you look at—in a good way.

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Mustard yellow sock boots outfits. Spring summer fashion ootd ideas.



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Army green sock boots. Women's spring summer fashion.


If you're going for a more tonal look, opt for sock boots in a neutral color. Trust us, you'll end up wearing them with everything. 

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Minimal fashion womens sock boots. Spring summer street styles.


 On Wednesday, we wear pink! 

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Pink sock boots. Spring summer fashion for women.